Gravity Fitness

With routines set to high-energy music, you'll be lead in a series of trampoline exercises to improve your flexibility, strengthen and tone your muscles, and give your cardiovascular system a workout.

This class is SO much fun you'll be amazed at how quickly the time flies by.

Open to men and women of all ages. Suited for all fitness levels.
Duration: 1 hour

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$ 13.00 for a single class
$ 69.95 for a 10 class pass

Home School PE Class

$ 13.00 for a single class
$ 69.95 for a 10 class pass

**Our Homeschool classes will resume Sept. 12th.  Contact to inquire about registering**


This program is designed for students to be ACTIVE while learning about sportsmanship, respect and team building. Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and stretch. We will move through agility stations and drills while enjoying fun classic games like dodgeball, basketball, and leap frog to name a few. This class will be taught by a licensed National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer (NASM PT) who also happens to be a mom of five herself!



Benefits of Trampolining for Fitness

Trampolining is a fun alternative to the gym! It can:
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Promote the health of your heart
  • Improve your circulation
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Help you lose weight (burn up to 1000 calories/hr)
  • Strengthen and tone your muscles
  • Help you relax and sleep well



Opening Hours
  • Monday - Thursday 10:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Friday 10:00AM - 11:00PM
  • Saturday 9:00AM - 11:00PM
  • Sunday 12:00PM - 8:00PM

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